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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy

Jacqueline, owner of Strategy for Energy


Jacqueline Schols

Expert in raising energy

From two yoga teacher trainings (one in India), to reiki in Panama, to meditation in Peru, Jacqueline traveled the world to gather the best information about energy. She connected the information in her own unique way.


The methods she uses were first tried out in hundreds of yogaclasses and also in classrooms she worked in, since she was a school teacher.


'I found there are certain methods and combinations of using body, mind & your higher self/spirit, that benefit everybody and give you insight in a very short amount of time. My goal is to help you experience more freedom and live your dream live.' 


Freedom, flow and fun

As a coach, I will give you all the tools. After that it's up to you to use them.

I work with action taking entrepreneurs who want to experience more ease, fun, flow and freedom. And I work with entrepreneurs who are powerhouses, who's energy is super strong and are missing a structure to support their amazing energy. 

Tools I use are meditation, yoga, breathing excersizes, human design reading, journalling, development of daily habbits, goal setting and more. 

Freedom, flow and fun
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