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Jacqueline Schols, eigenaresse Strategy for Energy met programmaFrom Force to Flow.

From Force to Flow 

From Force to Flow 

I guide conscious entrepreneurs uncover their magic to become more magnetic with my 5-step map to magnetism!

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Lotte van Leeuwen

“Jacqueline has a nice voice to listen to and with her loving attitude she knows how to make a genuine connection. She is always willing to awnser questions. With her knowledge and experience, she has what it takes to help people further on their journey. ”


"I just want to let you know how grateful I am for the strength you have given me. The energy you carry to let me manifest the life I dream of. During the coaching, you had so much patience and were my listening ear. You showed that nothing was too much for you and despite my occasional chaos, you always wanted to take the time to give me more peace. The breathing exercises have helped me tremendously and I still use them now. A month after your coaching, I manifested my dream internship, passed my courses with an 8, and have now been able to quit my job for something better. I now believe in myself way more then before." 

Jihee Choi

“Jacqueline demonstrates the excersizes for all levels. If you have questions you can contact her. She will give you feedback very fast. Also very good for positive thinking!”

Ka Chu Mok

“Jacqueline gives clear instructions. For me the breathwork excersizes worked phenomenal. I learned so many new things and would recommend it to everybody!”

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